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A Look Inside Gnarly Magazine Issue #3 - Winter 2018

Here's a quick peek at all of the features and artists in issue #3 - Winter 2018 - of Gnarly Magazine.

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Cover art by: Roger Bonet Martinez


Featured Artist: Darren McKeag

The Art of Darren McKeag is a compilation of motorbike influenced art. All of his paintings are done by hand, with a brush. Darren also works in other mediums, such as acrylic, pen and ink, colored pencil and limited edition screen printed posters. Ranging from complete motorbike paint jobs, helmet paint jobs, pinstriping to t-shirt and event poster designs and even logo designs, his art is amazing, unique, and instantly recognizable. Enjoy the artwork and our interview with this month's featured artist, Darren McKeag.



Mike Moore comic

Here's a sneak peek at Mike's "Garfink" comic for issue #3. Each issue Mike brings us his unique and humorous take on the world of Kustom Kulture. 

Check out Mike's work at: www.mikemoorestudios.com


Dear Dr. Pinstriper

The on again, off again Dear Dr. Pinstriper feature is definitely polarizing. Dripping in sarcasm, the Dear Dr. Pinstriper feature takes on the issues facing artists and Gnarly readers from all over the globe. Your therapist, should you choose him, is a surly old pinhead who's answers may –but most likely not– help you with your art and/or life's problems. You either get it or you don't! Email your question to: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com with the subject line: Dear Dr. Pinstriper.


Interview with Janet Decay of The Mummy and the Monkey

Janet Decay and Grimm Gorri are the stars of The Mummy and the Monkey show. TV movie hosts straight out of Cleveland. Janet and Grimm are also the owners of The Thrift Crypt store in Lakewood, Ohio. 



Artist Spotlight: Ana Munoz

Instagram: @anita_numerocero


Artist Spotlight: Jim Behrman

Who doesn't love robots built out of vintage objects? Really cool work by Jim Behrman.



Metal Engraving with Denny Aulia

Denny Aulia is a freehand engraver from Beaverton, OR. His engraving journey began with his passion for custom motorcycles. Denny enjoys building custom bikes because of their character and personality. To him, they are works of art. Beautifully engraved metals have soul which is just one of the many reasons he fell in love with this ancient art form.  A blank piece of metal is a fresh canvas. The possibilities are as endless as the imagination.  



Artist Spotlight: Bombshell Deluxe

Bombshell Deluxe is a kustom painter from Florida, producing art from beautifully painted motorcycle tanks to kustom painted Vans slip-ons. Her artwork is as impressive as her Instagram follower account. Over 40 thousand followers! Yeah, her work is that good!

Instagram: @bombshell_deluxe


Q&A with Cory "Mr. Oz" Mroz of the Brushmasters Getaway

The Brushmasters get-a-way is a live, 3 day interactive, hands on workshop nestled in the mountains of one of Colorado's most unique artist town of, Paonia Colorado at the beautiful resort of Wisehart Springs Inn. This interactive workshop will feature some of the nations top & most excelled custom painters & is backed by some of the biggest names in the Kustom Kulture industry.

We interviewed Cory "Mr. Oz" Mroz – the lead organizer of the Brushmasters getaway – about the event.



Artist Spotlight: Squindo

Kustom Kulture artist with a very unique style, working in many mediums. 



Artist Spotlight: Tiffany Trouble

Check out Tiffany's pinstriping work and kustom art on Instagram: @tiffanytrouble901


Monstertown Comics

Monstertown Comics is a brand new feature for Gnarly Magazine, getting contributions by artists from around the world and even far off alien monster-planets! Want to contribute a 1/4 page, 1/2 page, or full page comic? Just email: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com


Artist Spotlight: Chad Sinkhorn

Tattooer and painter with that Kustom Kulture vibe. You'll dig Chad's work. It's bright and it's bold!

Check him out over on his website: www.ChadSinkhorn.com


Artist Spotlight: Bryan Taylor

Maker of weird things in his head. Unique kustom artist, creating kustom kulture/lowbrow/garage/hot rod/bike and tiki-themed inspired art.

Instagram: @TaylorMadeGarageWorks


The PixelEye


The Pixeleye is more than a suitable name for Dirk to brand his company. Hell, it IS Dirk. He's got this magical ability to frame the shot in his head before he even starts work. The picture is taken long before he ever holds the camera up. The camera is nothing but a tool to capture what he sees in his head — you only need to be in his company for five minutes to figure out that this is what he's doing.

Instagram: @pixeleye



King Kong versus Hitler - A short story

Issue #3 introduced short stories from –what we call– the Bizarro genre. This short story –King Kong versus Hitler– is packed with humor, drama, and intrigue. I mean, come on, how could you not want to read a story about a giant ape from Skull Island knocking a giant Hitler off of the Empire State Building??


Artist Spotlight - Dave "DB" Burke

Los Angeles based artist Dave Burke is a self-taught painter who is inspired by all things pop culture from bubble gum sticker art, Dr. Seuss and giant Japanese monsters to fetish fashion, big-eyed Keanabilia, vintage toys, tikis and modern and hard edge design. His early roots in lowbrow garnered him covers for Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Rat Fink Comix in the mid 90's as well as a twoman exhibit with Roth in 1999.

You'll really dig our Q&A with Dave Burke!

Instagram: @daveburkeart


Artist Spotlight: Nasty Nate

A kickass artist with a very unique style. I throw money at him whenever he introduces a new t-shirt design!

Instagram: @nasty_nate65


Artist Spotlight: Jay Hollopeter

From Jay's website:

"I work primarily in oils, although I do venture into acrylic, ink, marker, graphite and colored pencil. I like to keep my color palette bright and vibrant. My subject matter is influenced by anything from monsters and hot rods to pop culture and space aliens. Humor has always been very important to me as a subject, so you'll see it as an underlying tone in almost all of my work."



Artist Spotlight: Taylor Nagal

Top Shelf Signs (Taylor Nagel) is a 100% hand-painted sign company, specializing in custom brush work, from store fronts and truck lettering to carnival rides/trailers and much more. Since 2013, Top Shelf Signs has taken pride in painting anything on everything and continues to bring hand-crafted signage to the world around him. He was born and raised in the Great Lakes state of Michigan, traveling the carnival circuit with his family’s concession business. During those years, he witnessed handfuls of sign writers perfecting the craft of hand lettering. Taylor has dedicated his life to art in many forms and plans to continue studying the craft of hand-painted signs. 



Reader Rides

Got a bitchin' ride? Cool. Then send us a photo of your bike, van, or hot rod for a chance to make it into our newest feature: Reader Rides!

E-mail: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com for more info on how to get your bitchin' ride into the mag.

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