Open Competition -

Art Contest: OPEN COMPETITION - Rules and Info

Ok, we're going to try something different for our monthly contest. It could crash and burn or it could be cool and fun. I guess we shall see...

May's contest is officially called: OPEN COMPETITION

What does "open competition" mean? Well, you get to submit any artwork of yours that you want. It means you can submit your A-est of games. The piece of art that you're most proud of.

It can be a painting, something you pinstriped, something you tattooed, something you sculpted, something you illustrated... You get the idea. 

Here are the basic rules:

1. Your art submission should fit within the realm of "kustom kulture." (I'll be a little lenient on this one...)

2. You must be the artist of the piece that you're submitting for entry. Don't send some rad skull that your friend drew for your tattoo.

3. It should be considered "art" by the general population.

4. No cake decorations or food submissions

5. No car or bike builds

6. No nudity or sexuality in your art submission (keep it safe-for-work)

7. Do not send multiple photos of your submission. If you have multiple angle photos, simply find a collage-making app or website and combine everything into one image. If multiple photos are sent, I'll simply pick my favorite.

8. Do not send more than one art entry. Again, I'll simply pick my favorite and it'll be your entry for the duration of the contest (or if/until you lose your matchup)

9. You must be 18 or over to enter

10. This is a friendly competition so rule #10 is the most important: Have fun and make friends.


E-mail your entry to:

Deadline: Friday, May 18th at 5pm EST


• Each round will be made up of head-to-head matchups

• Each matchup will last for a period of 24 hours

• Poll results will be visible to the public

• If proxy-vote cheating is spotted, poll results will be hidden for that round

• Be sure to include your name and/or website URL in your submission image