Art On Deck Auction and Contest Artists

Flying Piston Skateboard Art Contest -

Art On Deck Auction and Contest Artists

Gnarly Magazine, in conjunction with Flying Piston Benefit, will be hosting a skateboard art auction on Monday, March 6th, 2023 during the Daytona Bike Week Builder Breakfast.

Check out the auction page and be sure to register so you can bid!

20 artists were chosen to create art on a blank skateboard deck provided by Flying Piston Benefit to be auctioned off at the Builder Breakfast. Two additional international artists have also decided to chip in their time and talents to a worthy cause.

On Tuesday, March 7th, those same 22 artists will be entered into the Art On Deck contest hosted here at The winner of the Art On Deck contest will win a cash prize of $200 as well as Gnarly Magazine swag. For more information on the auction and contest set up, click here


Matt Grosso

Kelly Campanile

Jacob Medina

James A. Willis

Lisa Sotero

Freddie Villa

Armando Velázquez

Tobias Peltier

Angie Rivera

Rochelle Yoder - Luna Kustoms

Brad Nixon

Kendra Spanjer

Curtis Green

Benjamin Howie

Jayme Schmidt

Steve Chaszeyka

Nicholas Valente

Marie Recine

Mari Geolfos

Mark “Fat Daddy” Hagstrom





Andi Hopgood