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Blog Posters Wanted

Whenever we have contests here at the blog, there is a lot of activity. Lots of people coming over to support their favorite artist and a ton of voting in the matchups. After the contests are over, you can actually hear the tumbleweeds rolling around the blog.

SO, since me no write good, I'd like to offer up space for those in the Kustom Kulture community to write a blog post about whatever might be interesting to general readers or helpful to other artists.


  • A write-up with photos of a hot rod or motorcycle show in your town.
  • A write-up about your friend's hot rod or motorcycle shop
  • A write-up about your favorite Kustom Kulture artist
  • Photos and write-up of a cool tattoo you just did
  • Info on your local Kustom Kulture-related charity event
  • Info on rockabilly/punk bands playing at your bar/club
  • Short stories
  • How-Tos and Tips & Tricks for artists
  • Progress photos and info on a really cool art piece you just did
  • Comics
  • Q&A with an awesome artist you're friend's with
  • Stuff like that...

If you're interested, please email for more details: