Chopper versus Bobber - Preliminary Info

Chopper versus Bobber is a brand new print feature and online contest.

Chopper/Bobber builders submit 5 photos of their bike, along with 300 words about their bike build.

A synopsis of their story and a photo of their bike will be posted to the blog here on

After the submission deadline ends (May 1st), Gnarly Magazine will determine the most compelling stories and the coolest looking bikes, and those bikes (1 chopper and 1 bobber) will be featured in the July print issue. 

The print issue feature will show a full page for the chopper and a full page for the bobber, where we share the 300 word story, a large beauty shot of the finished bike build, 4 supporting photos, a photo of the builder (or build team), and the builders shop info (logo, contact, and websites).

The winner of the Chopper versus Bobber contest will be determined by an online vote. A link spanning the two print pages will be the link where fans can vote on their favorite bike.

The winner of the online voting will appear in the following issue of Gnarly, and that builder/shop will win a prize pack from Gnarly Magazine, as well as prizes from other companies as well (TBD). 

To enter this feature/contest:

1. Submit one high resolution beauty shot of your bike (Chopper or Bobber). A beauty shot should be considered the best photo of the finished build.

2. Four supporting photos. These photos should be high resolution and can be process shots or the final bike build at different angles. Your call.

3. One high resolution shot of the builder (or build team).

4. Builder or shop logo (if u have one)

5. Contact and website info

6. 300 words about the bike build. 

**NOTE: This does not have to be a brand new build. This can be a bike build that you completed last month, last year, or 10 years ago. But you must submit a Chopper or a Bobber. NO BAGGERS.

Submit your files and info to: 

Submission deadline May 1st