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Contributor Spotlight: Jeff Alexander

Without contributions from writers and artists, Gnarly Magazine would be a boring pile of stapled together scrap paper. Since Gnarly is dedicated to artists and creatives of all types, we rely on contributors to keep the magazine fresh and interesting for you readers.

As a way to say thank you, we have come up with a new blog feature where we shine a spotlight on our wonderfully supportive and creative contributors.

This first installment features Jeff Alexander. Jeff has been churning out some seriously professional and interesting articles since issue #5, which was his write up and Q&A with Alex Moreno of Kill Scum Speed Cult — a kustom kulture brand and apparel company, focusing on the designs and lifestyle of motorcycles and hot rods of the past. Pick up a copy here.

Jeff's upcoming feature in issue #6 is on Ryan Meyers, custom guitar maker of Sioux Guitars. I consider myself a DIY-er from WAY back and reading about Ryan's punk rock / DIY approach to guitar and equipment-making is an interesting and fascinating read. Musicians and music fans will really enjoy this one! Subscribe today!

Jeff Alexander has two articles slated for our upcoming April issue:

He chronicles legendary custom guitar builder Grover Jackson, widely credited for giving birth to the hot rodded 'super strat' movement of the '80's. Acquiring the Charvel repair company from Wayne Charvel, Jackson worked tirelessly to earn national accolades as the premiere, USA custom guitar company and built instruments for such legendary players like Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen. Jackson worked to embrace amateur players as well, allowing customers to create their one-off dream guitars within reasonable price points for the quality.

Charvel/Jackson endorsed many of Metal's most respected players but Grover's relentless dedication had him seeking even more improvements, resulting in the much-loved Japanese Charvel Model Series. With their meticulous attention to detail and versatility, the Model series challenged the established U.S. companies of Gibson and Fender, and continued the tradition of ushering in a whole new movement of demanding fast playin' rockers.

Jeff also converses with acclaimed Creature Features author and critic, John Stanley. The former Creature Features tv host gave new viewership to once forgotten B-movie stars and starlets, as well as bringing film directors out of obscurity for a new generation of fans to discover. His Creature Features Movie Guide Strikes Again contains over 5,000 reviews, in his trademark witty and at times, mean quips. Stanley’s newest book, I Was A TV HORROR HOST collects rare interviews and unique insight to his television career.


Jeff Alexander Bio:

Jeff has worked as a professional journalist for over 15 years. He considers himself fortunate for earning a spot at New York Daily News, where he once worked as a column supervisor with an emphasis on creating engaging, quality-of-life pieces while attempting to make positive impacts within communities.

As a versatile and experienced music journalist, Jeff has worked with international artists such as Joan Jett, MC5, and Public Enemy. Straying from conventional Q & A formats, he opted to create in-depth long-form features with the ultimate goal of celebrating an artist's commitment to music while also shining a light on their offstage, altruistic passions. He has worked with American Music Press, HitList, and currently works for Big Takeover. Celebrating over 30 years of insightful music journalism with the blessings of publisher Jack Rabid, Jeff is more than happy to keep the tradition alive!

Additionally, he has worked with Ol' Skool Rodz and Motorcycle Classics, two publications working to keep the spirit of classic vehicles and kustom kulture alive in the so-called digital age. His exclusive piece unearthing Jim Morrison's long-lost bike continues earning views for Motorcycle Classics online edition.

With the hyper-expansion of technology and social media, Jeff believes the art of the written word is threatened and hopes to preserve the passion, creativity, and vision of journalism alive within his writings.


You can find Jeff on LinkedIn: 


Want to be a Gnarly Magazine contributor? Here's what we're looking for:

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