Contributors Wanted for Gnarly 2.0

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Contributors Wanted for Gnarly 2.0

Starting with the October 2019 issue, Gnarly will be undergoing a transformation. I call it Gnarly 2.0 (until I find a better way to describe it. I'm not a writer! What do you want from me?!)

Speaking of I'm not a writer, Gnarly Magazine is looking for contributors for our new shift in tone. I'm looking for more funny, more sarcasm, more aggressive tone without being an asshole.

Think National Lampoon magazine without the politics; old school (80s) MAD magazine but 80% less comics; and Easy Riders magazine without the naked titties.

So, if you're a writer and/or a comic artist and you would like to join in on the new Gnarly, shoot me an email and let's talk!