Digital Illustration Contest - Rules and Information

Digital Illustration Contest -

Digital Illustration Contest - Rules and Information

Gnarly Magazine's Digital Illustration Contest - Rules and Information page.

We're getting a jump on the next competition, so while you enjoy our current Sign Painting Art Competition, you can read over the rules and info for the next contest.

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Rules and Information:

1. Submit a graphic file of your 2D digital illustration. Your digital illustration entry can be something that you completed a year ago, ten years ago, or yesterday. You do not have to go out and create something new specifically for this contest. We know you have paying client work on your table.

2. Submit one (1) image file entry. If more than one entry image is sent, I'll just pick my favorite. Do a Google or app search for collage makers and combine your full shot and close-ups into one image.

3. This contest is strictly digital, so 100% computer / tablet generated submissions only. 3D renderings are not accepted in this contest. We'll have a separate contest for you 3D guys and gals soon.

4. Your entry should be your work. Please don't submit some cool illustration that you found on Pinterest.

5. Promote your website(s) in your image file. People want to know where they can find you, so be sure to include your website/Instagram in your entry image.

6. I REPEAT: add your websites to your image entry so people can find you. You know... for paying gigs!

7. The contest will be voted on by the public, so be sure to promote on your social media sites.

8. Polls for each matchup in each round last 24 hours.

9. Have fun!


E-mail your entry to:


Submission Deadline: Tuesday, August 21st 2018 at 5pm EST

Competition begins on Thursday, August 23rd, 2018 at 9am EST