Drum Head Art Contest - Vintage Torque Fest

Drum Head Art Contest - Vintage Torque Fest

Welcome to the 2020 Vintage Torque Fest Art Show.
by John Wells

Request your aluminum drum head from
John Wells: vintagetorque@gmail.com

Due to high shipping costs, drum panels will not be shipped Internationally.

(Discuss the contest on our brand new forum!)

For the past 10 years, Vintage Torque Fest has been consistently bringing top name artists to a small town in Iowa, while getting international publicity.

This art show is designed to help pay medical bills and showcase talent from around the world. These art pieces are sold at a live auction on May 2nd at Vintage Torque Fest where pieces go from $80 to $800! It's a great event and we encourage you to come and be a part of it.

Vintage Torque Fest has teamed up with Gnarly Magazine again this year and this partnership has brought new eyes on to the event as well as contributors for the art show.

Here is the part where we need the artists to help out!

Vintage Torque Fest will mail out a blank aluminum drum head that is about 18 inches in diameter to participating artists.

ARTISTS: We need to encourage free thinking – don't be bound by the shape you see in front of you.

Yes, it's supposed to be a drum head, but we really want you to look at this as a blank canvas.


This is a family-friendly show in Iowa. Things that may be family-friendly in San Francisco, may not be in Iowa. Please no overt drug references, sexually provocative art, and NO political stuff (meaning no election references).

We hope that you will use this blank canvas as a means to get your creation to a new audience. Please do not feel confined by what you see. In fact, we hope you will ignore the bass drum aspect and come up with something completely different.

We hope you will refrain from using the white background – it should simply be a base for you to start.

We also want to refrain from actual drum heads that are known in the public consciousness. (The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Guns N' Roses, etc.) We love art inspired by these bands and hope that you will come up with your own ideas. We do love popular culture references (Mr. Horsepower, Star Wars, Simpsons, Rat Fink, etc,) and these are always popular at the event. Ultimately, we want you to showcase your ideas, creativity, and talent.

All drum head art submissions must be safe-for-work.

Gnarly Magazine will be hosting an online voting competition again this year. The winner will receive $250 + some cool Gnarly Magazine swag.


The art should be completed by April 10. Images of the art should be emailed to GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com and vintagetorque@gmail.com by April 10th, 2020. Images not submitted by then will not be eligible to participate in the Gnarly Magazine contest.

Gnarly Magazine Drum Head Art Contest to be held on Monday, April 13th.


All art should be physically mailed to Vintage Torque and received by April 20th. 

Please send via Priority Mail. If you must send via Fed Ex or UPS, please contact us before sending it.

Vintage Torque 
PO Box 1733 
Bettendorf IA 52722 

Request your aluminum drum head from
John Wells: vintagetorque@gmail.com

We appreciate everyone who has supported us in the past – both artists and bidders. We hope that 2020 will provide another great experience for all involved.

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