FINALS - Skateboard Art Contest

FINALS - Skateboard Art Contest

UPDATE: The skateboard art contest has ended. Congratulations Billy Butler!

Gnarly Magazine would like to thank all of the artists who participated in this contest and to all of you who voted and promoted. And thank you to Johnny A. Harris for donating this awesomely painted Gnarly Magazine skateboard to the winner of the contest.

We have made it to the FINAL ROUND of Gnarly Magazine's Skateboard Art Contest.

Poll results will be hidden for the duration of the 24 hour final matchup period. Results and winner of each matchup will be revealed tomorrow shortly after 9am EST.

1 vote per matchup / per round.

Be sure to tell your friends, fans, followers, and family to come out and vote!


Matchup 1

Billy Butler VS. Munch Gonzalez

Billy Butler


Munch Gonzalez