Flying Eyeball Art Contest - Rules and Info

Flying Eyeball Art Contest - Rules and Info


Gnarly Magazine's Flying Eyeball Art Contest - Rules and Information page.

Hey, it's competition time again; this time it's Flying Eyeball art! Please scroll down and read all of the rules and information.

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Submission deadline: SUBMISSIONS NOW CLOSED

Polls open: Monday, October 3rd, 9am EST

Rules and Information:

1. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

2. Submit a photo of your Flying Eyeball artwork. Your Flying Eyeball entry can be something that you created a year ago, ten years ago, or yesterday. You do not have to go out and create something new specifically for this contest. We know you have paying client work on your table. But, hey, if you wanna do something fresh, go for it!

3. This contest is open to all art mediums. From pencils to giant metal structures! As long as it's recognizable as the classic Von Dutch Flying Eyeball, you're free to enter it.

4. Submit one (1) image file entry. (No videos) You're free to add multiple angle photos of your Flying Eyeball entry in that single entry image file. If more than one entry image is sent, I'll just pick my favorite. Do a Google or app search for collage makers.

5. Your entry should be your own work. Please do not submit some cool Flying Eyeball photo that you found on Pinterest or Tumblr.

6. Promote your website(s) in your image file. People want to know where they can find you, so be sure to include your website/Instagram in your entry image. We will not edit your entry image to include your Instagram. So, please, add it before sending it our way. Remember to make the text large enough to read because a lot of people will be viewing on their phones.

7. The contest will be voted on by the public, so be sure to promote on your social media sites.

8. Polls for each matchup in each round last 24 hours. Poll results will be hidden until after the 24 hour voting period.

9. A very important thing to note is that we put these competitions on to help promote awesome artists and help people meet new friends and, perhaps, gain new clients. Please have fun in this friendly competition. 

10. You may only vote one time per matchup.



Polls open: Monday, October 3rd, 9am EST