Issue #8 Preview - Heavy Cream '88 Sportster Chopper Build by Nic Jacobs

Issue #8 Preview - Heavy Cream '88 Sportster Chopper Build by Nic Jacobs

Chopper Build: Nic Jacobs
Photos by: Boogieman Joe
IG: @beardedmetal


The full feature appears in Issue #8 of Gnarly Magazine.


Written by: Jenni "Mama Bird" Jacobs

There are things that happen in one’s life that you can deem as important. There’s a hierarchy of these things that most people live their life by — grow up, get a good job, get married, have children, survive and die. And while all of these things are what most strive for, there are the few and far between that need more. They need the thrill, the outlet, the sacrifice, the live and the die. And it comes in many forms; it comes from art and building. It comes from riding down the highway on two wheels. While all the other things are just as important, there are things that happen to the few talented souls that get to do what they love. They receive everything else in a different way. And, that's what’s happened to my husband. 

It was November 1977 when the world greeted Nic Jacobs. He was born into a shattered marriage between a woman that did what she thought was best and a man whose life revolved around boozing, riding, and racing, and fighting. Not much is known about Nic’s dad. All we do know is he was a Bandito and loved drag racing. He was only alive for four years of Nic’s life. The sometimes-popular notion that things are in the blood, is what I truly believe about Nic. We don’t know much more than that about his paternity.  But, Nic was born to build old cars, motorcycles or anything that might be fun. 

Now, he’s self-proclaimed as “the world’s okayest bike builder.” His latest build is called “Heavy Cream." She was the mistress that took hours away from the kids and I. But from the moment she was brought into the garage in pieces, she became his obsession...

Read the full feature in print issue #8 of Gnarly Magazine.


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