July Print Feature - Motorcycle Tank Art

Motorcycle Tank Art Feature -

July Print Feature - Motorcycle Tank Art

We are launching a new feature, starting with the July 2018 issue, where we showcase motorcycle tank art and artists.

Motorcycle Tank Art and Artists

If you are an artist and would like your tank art featured in the July issue of Gnarly Magazine, please email us a photo of your tank for possible inclusion.

Due to the amount of submissions we get, we can't guarantee your tank will appear in the July issue, but we'll do our best to get everyone into another issue.

Here's what we need:

1. High resolution photos of your tank.

Important! Since this is for print publication, your submission photos must be high resolution. We can not run a photo that you grabbed from your Facebook page.

2. You must be the artist.

We want to promote artists and gnarly tank art. Please don't send a photo of your motorcycle tank if you're not the artist.

3. Rated PG

Since this is for print publication, your tank art must be "safe for work." So no nudity or sexuality.

4. The art.

Your tank can be pinstriped, lettered, flamed, airbrushed, hand painted, gold-leafed, metal flaked, magic markered, or whatever. If it's a work of art and looks awesome, we want to feature it!

5. Contact info

When sending your photo(s), please make sure to include your name and/or shop name, along with your website links that you want to include with your tank art photo.

Deadline: You must have your photo e-mailed to us by April 15th, 2018

E-mail to: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com