Builder Spotlight: Mike Morman of Morman Kustoms

Builder Spotlight: Mike Morman of Morman Kustoms

Words by Mike Morman

I started building bikes in 2005 after seeing my first chopper, it blew me away. I’ve been building choppers ever since. This bike took a bit longer than others I have built in the past, but it’s been well worth the wait. I had a lot of talented people help me on this build and motivate me to keep working even when times got tough. 

It started with 1976 Harley Davidson flywheels, got a good deal on Ultima Cases, and later picked up V-Twin Manufacturing heads, jugs, and rocker boxes. I split the rocker boxes and ran some nice stainless steel tubing. I had everything fully polished by Greg King and Chuck Timberlake and sent everything to Donny Loos who built it.

Next up was the frame. I ended up building it myself to get the look I was going for. After some trial and error, I got everything bent up, into the frame jig and tacked, took it back to Donny’s shop for final welding. Todd Farler and Chuck also assisted with final welding. Then it was sent off to Metal Bright for chrome plating.

The transmission is a polished RevTech 4 speed with a BDL 1 ½” open belt drive, jockey shift, and foot clutch. The front end is a Sportster that I shaved and shortened with a 21” spool wheel from Bob’s Cycle Supply.

The rear wheel is an 18” Paughco with a cut-down Led Sled fender. The gas tank is a narrowed Sporty tank that I relocated the filler neck on. I bought some Biltwell risers for a set of 12” ape hangers I had and ran an internal throttle.

The oil tank is just a simple round tank I had chromed. Paughco made the pipes that I cut down and had HPC coated. My seat was tooled and covered by a talented guy out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Brett Enderle. Robert Pradke did an amazing job on the paint which finished off the project nicely! 

Instagram: @mormankustoms

Tech Sheet


  • Mike Morman
  • City/State: Portsmouth, Ohio
  • Year: 2020 Custom
  • Value: Too much
  • Time: A lot of months


  • Year: 1976/kinda
  • Model: Custom Chopper
  • Builder: Donny Loos
  • Displacement: 74cu
  • Ingnition: Points
  • Pistons: V-Twin
  • Heads: V-Twin
  • Cam: S&S
  • Carb: S&S
  • Air Cleaner: Velocity Stack
  • Exhaust: HPC 2 into 1
  • Primary: 1 ½ ” belt


  • Year: New
  • Make: RevTech 4 speed
  • Shifting: Jockey


  • Year: New
  • Model: Handmade by me
  • Rake: 30 degrees
  • Stretch: 4”


  • Builder: Showa
  • Type: Hydraulic
  • Triple Trees: Shaved
  • Extension: Shortened 4”


  • Front: Bob’s Cycle spool
  • Tire: Avon Speedmaster 21”
  • Front brake: N/A
  • Rear: Paughco
  • Size: 18 x  3.50
  • Tire: Avon Roadrider
  • Rear Brake: DNA
  • Paint:
  • Painter: Robert Pradke
  • Color: Purple/Green Candy
  • Type: Not sure
  • Graphics: Flames/striping


  • Mealt Bright Dayton, Ohio


  • Bars: 12” Chrome
  • Risers: Biltwell
  • Hand Controls: Internal Throttle
  • Foot Controls: Custom Chrome/Low Brow
  • Gas Tank: Narrowed Sportster
  • Oil Tank: Round/Chrome
  • Front Fender: N/A
  • Rear Fender: Led Sled
  • Seat: Brett Enderle
  • Headlight: 4 ½”
  • Tailight: Small
  • Speedo: None


  • Gary Patrick/Mike Morman
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