Monster Art Contest - Rules and Info

Monster Art Contest -

Monster Art Contest - Rules and Info

UPDATE: The submission window has closed. Voting begins Tuesday, October 2nd at 9am EST


Monster Art Contest - Rules and Information page.

Gnarly Magazine's special monster-themed issue drops soon, so we thought it would be fitting to have a monster-themed art contest for the month of October.

Check out all of the rules and info below.

Rules and Information:

1. Submit artwork that is monster/horror related. There are no restrictions on the medium. So, it can be a pencil sketch on up to something that was digitally printed. It can be pinstriped, sculpted, painted, carved, airbrushed, or whatever. It just needs to fit within the monster theme.

2. Your monster art entry can be something that you completed a year ago, ten years ago, or yesterday. You do not have to go out and create something new specifically for this contest. We know you have paying client work on your table.

3. Submit one (1) image file entry. If more than one entry image is sent, I'll just pick my favorite. Do a search or app search for collage-makers and combine your full shot and close-ups into one image.

4. Your entry should be safe-for-work, so no sex/nudity, etc.

5. Your entry should be your work. Please don't submit something cool that you found on Pinterest.

6. Promote your website(s) in your image file. People want to know where they can find you, so be sure to include your website/Instagram in your entry image.

7. I REPEAT: add your websites to your image entry so people can find you. You know... for paying gigs!

8. The contest will be voted on by the public, so be sure to promote on your social media sites.

9. Have fun.


Submission Deadline: Sunday, September 30th

Competition begins on Tuesday, October 2nd at 9am EST