Photoset: Mornin' Star Chopper Build by Henrique Crossbones

Photoset: Mornin' Star Chopper Build by Henrique Crossbones

Words by Henrique Crossbones

Photos by: @davidlycho

The "Mornin' Star" chopper was made above an ’01 Heritage Classic. I bought this bike 7 years ago and the idea was to create a ’70s style chopper that’s always ready to ride. The bike includes some recycled parts as well as custom pieces that I created. Two parts I liked making were the square pipes and the seat. The bike has a handmade system of suicide clutch and shift. I’ve never seen a twin with that set up. About the paint: the only thing on my mind was black & gold. So, talking with a brother, he said: "Why don't you do something with the theme of your band?" So I did! The gas tank was inspired by the ‘Snakes’ EP album art (that I also drew) from the stoner rock band Mad Head Machine. That bike combined three ideas: our family motorcycle garage, my kustom art project and my stoner rock band.

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