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Pics from the 1st Annual Paint Huffers Union - Pottstown, PA

I had a small window of opportunity to check in on the 1st Annual Paint Huffers Union event in Pottstown, PA on Saturday, September 28th. 

The pinstriping and sign painting event was actually held over two days (28th and 29th) and was held at the awesome Red Horse Motoring Club.

Click here for some background on the Red Horse Motoring Club and the history of the vintage building they moved into, courtesy of the Reading Eagle newspaper.

Two of the guys who own and operate the Red Horse Motoring Club – Chuck Harders and Steve Everett – were super cool and gave me a tour of the building. I was impressed by their restoration and dedication to the history of the building and motoring in general.

I hope to see more pinstriping and sign painting events there in the future!

Here are some pictures I snapped while I was there.