Pinup Art Contest - Grand Prize Winner: Salty Dog

Pinup Art Contest -

Pinup Art Contest - Grand Prize Winner: Salty Dog

The Grand Prize winner is a brand new award feature and will be part of the Gnarly Magazine art contests moving forward. The Grand Prize winner for the Pinup Art Contest was determined by a panel of three judges (Johnny from Gnarly Magazine, Chuck Stanfill of Cheater Slick Culture, and @Spookiidanii).

We judges had our favorites, with some overlapping choices. It was determined over much deliberation that the bomb riding cowgirl, illustrated by Salty Dog, is the Grand Prize winner of Gnarly Magazine's Pinup Art Contest!

Congrats, Salty Dog! 

We loved the overall professional look, the hand drawn brush style, and the vintage texture technique that Salty Dog used to give it that old-timey feel. We felt that Salty Dog's entry had that special pinup look and that she was as cute as a button! Speaking of buttons... looks like she could use one on her vest! Talk about bombs! Hubba hubba. 

Be sure to check out Salty Dog's site and grab some cool merch!

The judges had a tough time deciding between the entries shown below, but, ultimately felt that Salty Dog should get the top prize.

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Check out the sweet prize pack, courtesy of Gnarly Magazine and Cheater Slick Culture

A great big thank you to all of the artists who entered the contest and to all of you who voted and promoted!

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