Pinup Art Contest - Rules and Info

Pinup Art Contest -

Pinup Art Contest - Rules and Info

UPDATE: With over 100 entries submitted from all over the world, we have closed the submission window a day early. Apologies if you missed the deadline.


Gnarly Magazine announces our second annual Pinup Art Contest. Below you will find the contest rules and information.

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Submission Deadline: CLOSED

Voting begins: Thursday, January 21st, 9am EST

E-mail your entry to: CLOSED


Rules and Info:

1. NOTE: This is an art contest, not a photography contest. Your pinup submission should be a physically created work of art.

2. Submit one pinup art entry. The pinup art can be something you've done a year ago, ten years ago, or yesterday.

3. Your pinup art can be hand painted, airbrushed, spray painted, sculpted, drawn, illustrated, or whatever. 

4. Pinup may be cheesecake or beefcake.

5. Pinup may be retro or modern.

6. No blatant sexuality/porn.

7. Submit one (1) image file entry. You're free to add multiple angle photos of your pinup art in that single entry image file. If more than one entry image is sent, I'll just pick my favorite. Do a simple Google or App Store search for collage makers.

8. Your pinup art entry should be your work. Please don't submit pinup art that you found on Pinterest or any other websites.

9. Promote your website(s) in your image file. People want to know where they can find you, so be sure to include your website/Instagram/etc. in your entry image.

10. The contest will be voted on by the public, so, if you want a chance to win, be sure to promote on your social media sites. Some people have a really good "Get Out The Vote" game, so keep that in mind when you see the vote totals start to come in. Don't automatically assume cheating.

11. Polls for each matchup in each round last 24 hours. Semi-Finals and Finals polls will have hidden results until after the 24 hour period expires.

12. Have fun!