Pinup / Biker Babe Photo Contest - Rules and Information

Pinup / Biker Babe Photo Contest - Rules and Information

Off the heels of our successful Pinup Art Contest, we bring you the Pinup / Biker Babe Photo Contest, where models from all around the world are invited to submit a photo of themselves to enter the sexiest of online contests!


The winner will receive:

  • A feature in Gnarly Magazine
  • 5 All Access Subscription promo codes to the all-new Gnarly Magazine mobile app
  • Gnarly Magazine swag
  • More prizes to be announced soon

Sponsors, if you'd like to add a swag pack for the winner, please email me


1. Submit one photo of yourself in traditional pinup or biker babe style. The pinup photo of yourself can be something you shot ten years ago, yesterday, or something you set up tomorrow. As long as you enter by March 9th. If more than one photo is sent, we pick our favorite!

2. All models must be 18 years of age or older.

3. Your photo MUST include yours and the photographer's name and website URL (or social media handle).

4. No nudity. This will be promoted on Instagram and Facebook and they lose their shit over bare nipples and vag.

5. Entries must be submitted by the MODEL.

6. There's no theme. Photos can be retro, modern, or whatever.

7. Model photos will go head-to-head in matchups that will last for 24 hours. Winners will be determined by online voting, just like all of our other contests.

Deadline: March 9th, 5pm EST

Polls open: March 11th, 9am EST

Submit to:


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