Rat Fink Madness - The Bracket

Rat Fink Madness - The Bracket

Gnarly Magazine's Rat Fink Madness Art Contest begins on Tuesday, December 24th at 9am EST. The 64 artists who will make up the official contest bracket have been selected. To view the selected artists, just click on the bracket PDF link below to enlarge. To see the matchups and dates of the preliminary rounds, scroll down below the bracket image.

There were 134 submissions, but only 64 would make the cut. It was a difficult process and a lot of great entries, unfortunately, did not make it into the contest. You can, however, see all 134 entries by clicking here. Official contest rules, click here.

Big thanks to Cheater Slick Culture for sponsoring the contest. Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram and check out their website: CheaterSlickCulture.com.

Good luck, artists!




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