Skateboard Deck Art Artists Wanted for Print Feature

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Skateboard Deck Art Artists Wanted for Print Feature

Gnarly Magazine will be doing a feature on skateboard deck art in an upcoming print issue and are doing a call for artists. If you have painted something kick ass on a skateboard, we want to feature it. 

High resolution photos required!

(Due to the amount of submissions we get, we can't include everyone, but we do our best.)

Please no computer illustrated graphics, we're looking for paintbrush, airbrush, metalflake, pyrography, pencils, etc.

You may send along a 50-word blurb to talk about your skateboard deck art submission. Though, this is not a requirement.

Each artist may submit up to three decks for consideration.

Please include your name, city/state, and your Instagram username (no Facebook links, please). 

E-mail to:

Please note: Low resolution, poorly photographed, and poorly cropped submissions will most likely be passed over. 

There is no theme, but keep in mind who the Gnarly Magazine audience is. Pretty trees and fluffy clouds are fine, but, you know, Gnarly is a magazine for weirdos, not Bob Ross devotees.