Take a Peek at Gnarly Magazine Issue #5 (Summer 2018)

Gnarly Magazine -

Take a Peek at Gnarly Magazine Issue #5 (Summer 2018)

You have no idea what you're missing out on! So, to help you out, we're giving you a sneak peek into Gnarly Magazine - issue #5 - due out (officially) on July 1st. 

Lots of great artists and performers in this one. It's crammed with kustom kulture goodness, so don't miss out!

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Dear Dr. Pinstriper is back with his worldly advice. Some people love him and some people hate him, but he's here to answer all of your questions — from pinstriping, to kustom painting, to your marriage. He's got an answer for everything... you just may not like it. Got a question for the good doctor? Send it to: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com or snail mail to: Gnarly Magazine, c/o Dr. Pinstriper, PO Box 5043, Limerick, PA 19468. We'll pass your question along to the doc. Ya never know, you just may make it into an upcoming issue of Gnarly!

This issue we shine a light on 5 talented artists in our 10-page Artists Spotlight feature. Our 5 artists for July are: Kevin Carmody, Black Rebel Art, Doug Mac, Jason Von Woods, and Freddy Velazquez.

Our guest contributor, Jeff Alexander, checks in with a Q&A with Alex Moreno, the creator of Kill Scum Speed Cult.

We dedicated 6 pages to our successful online Rat Fink Art Contest, highlighting some of our favorite entries. Gnarly Magazine holds an art contest every month on the blog. Yes, there is a grand prize winner, but the main goal of our contests is to connect kustom artists with each other and to help other kustom/lowbrow artists get discovered. The contests are a lot of fun, so be sure to check out the blog for announcements of upcoming competitions.

Our featured performer/entertainer/badass for the July issue is Reggie Bugmuncher of the brother/sister duo Olde City Sideshow! We are big fans here at Gnarly and you won't want to miss our Q&A with Reggie! She sheds a lot of light on her act as well as Sideshow.

Our featured artist this month is the talented Don Picton of Friend Prices. From sculptures to illustrations to werewolf fingers, you'll be entertained and inspired by Don's art, humor, and creativity.

Speaking of sculptures... We showcase the kustom creations of Christof 'Thrashboy' Kaspar. Check out that Rat Fink!

Those are just some of the things coming to Gnarly Magazine in our July issue. Take a look at what's in store for the entire issue:

Comic by Mike Moore

Dear Dr. Pinstriper

Artist Spotlight section

Motorcycle Tank Art feature

Motorcycle photography by Dan Vanditto

Growing the Cult of Kustom Kulture - Q&A with Alex Moreno of Kill Scum Speed Clut

Rat Fink Art Contest review

Scale Riders - Scale modeling with Edgar Vergara

Feature: Q&A with Reggie Bugmuncher of Olde City Sideshow

Feature: Q&A with Don Picton of Friend Prices

Bombotz: The lowbrow art of Tyler K. Smith

Step-by-Step: 80s skateboard restoration by Jeremy Lindvig

Kustom Creations by Thrashboy

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