UPDATE: 20 Artists Wanted - Flying Piston Charity Auction and Art Contest during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

UPDATE: 20 artists for the Art On Deck charity skateboard art auction and contest have been found! A big thank you to all of the artists who offered to donate their time and talents to a great cause. It was VERY hard trying to get the number down to 20, but we did it. Congrats to these 20 artists:

Chris Downing

Kenzie Swinford

Matt Beckner

Amanda Beland

Angel Claw

Chris Jones

Travis Davis

Chris / Kellers Signs

Cease Martinez

Valerie Vargas

Chris Garcia

Fred Giovannitti

Xavier Lewis

Sara Ziegler

Guy Salazar

Mike Yapps

JB Custom Paint
JB Custom Paint on Facebook


Jason Chrysler

Anna Schwartz

If you're one of the 20 chosen artists listed above, we'll be reaching out to you with more details asap.

For more information on Flying Piston Benefit and the charities involved, click here.


It's that time of year again when Flying Piston Benefit and Gnarly Magazine host the Art On Deck charity auction and art contest taking place during the 2024 Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

We are looking for 20 artists from the USA to donate their time and talents for a charitable cause.

If you're an artist and you'd like to be considered for the auction and contest, please email Johnny your name, Instagram page (or portfolio site) to: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com

If chosen, Flying Piston Benefit will ship out a blank skateboard deck for you to work your artistic magic. When you're done, email a photo of your finished work to GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com for the contest portion of the events. And then ship the skateboard art back to Flying Piston Benefit by or before July 15th so that it makes it in time for the charity art auction and so that you are qualified to receive the $200 price for winning the art contest.

We'll kick things off with the Art on Deck Skateboard Art Contest, which will start on July 22nd at GnarlyMagazine.com

Winner will receive a $200 cash prize!


The Art on Deck Charity Auction will take place on Sunday, August 4th at Sturgis Buffalo Chip. There will be online bidding as well for those who can't make it in person.

This year's theme: Psychedelic Art of the 1960s. Wild colors, surreal imagery, etc. Think pop artists like Peter Max, Salvador Dali, and Alex Grey to name a few.

If you're one of the 20 artists chosen, you will be sent a blank skateboard deck to paint on and send back to Flying Piston Benefit.

Deadline: Your painted skateboard must be shipped to Flying Piston Benefit so it arrives by or before July 15th.

Skateboards must arrive in time for the auction or you miss out on the chance to win $200 for winning the Art on Desk Skateboard Art Contest.


Art on Deck Skateboard Contest takes place at GnarlyMagazine.com on July 22nd with online voting going on until a winner is named on Friday, July 26th.

To be included in the contest, you must email a photo of your finished skateboard deck by or before July 15th. E-mail: GnarlyMagOnline@gmail.com

***Don't worry, if you're one of the chosen 20, we will keep you up to date on looming deadlines!


About Flying Piston Benefit:

Flying Piston Benefit puts a focus on healthy kids. Statistic show that kindergartners obesity prevalence is 12.7%. And when kids move to 1st grade, that number jumps to over 20%.

The Flying Piston Benefit is addressing this issue with a goal of teaching every kindergartner how to ride a bike. We want them moving and learning this life skill. So far, we have helped teach over 200,000 kiddos through ALLKIDSBIKE non-profit.

Science indicates physical activity can benefit children who are obese by increasing their lean body mass, increasing energy expenditure, improving their appetite and energy intake control, and improving their metabolic and psychological profiles.

The Charities:

Proceeds from the online auction goes to All Kids Bike and Motorcycle MissionsWith our help, we have trained over 100,000 kindergartners on how to ride on 2 wheels.

The Flying Piston Benefit Breakfast and silent online Auction is produced by Marilyn Stemp of Iron Trader News & Jeff Najar of GF Tech One.  

For more information, please contact marilynstemp(at)gmail.com, 828-205-8482. To get involved with the Piston, click here. 

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