Contribute to Gnarly Magazine

Gnarly Magazine is a one-man operation, and my goal is to shine a spotlight on as many awesome kustom kulture artists as possible. 

Gnarly relies on contributions from talented people to spread the word in print and on the website.

If you're an artist, photographer, pinup, cartoonist, builder, and/or writer, we'd love to promote your work and talents if you'd like to contribute to one of our publications, blog, or our upcoming mobile app.

Here's what we love:

1. Stories and photos about you or your local hot rod/motorcycle builder for the Gnarly Magazine app or the Kustom A Go Go newspaper

2. A comic artist to draw the funny for the Kustom A Go Go newspaper and Gnarly Magazine app. Hoping to find an artist for our Gnarly Vs. Charlie comic, which is a spoof on MAD Magazine's Spy Vs. Spy and the Simpsons' Itchy and Scratchy cartoons.

3. Pinup photos along with some back story. We know there's more than just a pretty face. :)

4. Stories and photos on kustom artists (pinstripers, sign painters, etc.) for the Gnarly Mag app and Kustom A Go Go newspaper

5. How-To articles for the aspiring kustom artist

6. Humor writer for our Ask Dr. Pinstriper section

7. A writer for a dedicated weekly article here on

If you'd like to send an idea pitch, please email Johnny at: