Scale Model Build-Off - The Side Contest

We just wrapped up our 1st Annual Scale Model Build-Off, with Htown Model Shop winning by just two votes

In addition to the main Scale Model Build-Off, we decided to throw a side contest for builders who were not chosen as the top three for the main contest. Whoever wanted to join in on the fun just had to buy the 1967 Impala model kit that the main builders were working with and do their thing.

We've decided to let the side contest get a little loosey goosey. Originally the side contest builders had to use the same model kit as the main builders. Well, for the most part, they all did. Someone submitted a complete 3D render of an Impala. We're letting it in the contest. Another builder went crazy with the customization... We're letting it in!

And, we had originally planned to have the winner chosen by a panel of judges... Fuck that. We're going to let you, the fans, decide. It'll be a 24 hour public poll with results totally visible. Have a blast watching the results come in!

The winner will still be getting $50 towards any merchandise. 

Submission deadline: Closed

Voting day: TBD

Here's who's competing in the side contest

Adam Denes


Bill Bourne


Jason Euge


Mike Mathers


Philippe "Barratatouille"


Rick Normandie


Side contest voting coming soon...

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  • Jason Euge’s is killer!

    Hayden James
  • Euge hands down for the win

  • Jason Euge is a awesome and amazing artist 😀! He has such great talent and a unlimited imagination 😀. Keep it up Jason. We are all rooting for you!

  • Jason Euge Is the best

    Paints R Us
  • Jason Euge


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