UPDATE: Contest cancelled

UPDATE: The Motorcycle Helmet Art Contest has regrettably been called off due to widespread cheating, particularly by non-US artists and their supporters, across several recent contests. These competitions have traditionally been an enjoyable platform for discovering new talent and drawing inspiration from amazing artwork. However, the persistent issue of cheating, primarily from artists and fans outside the USA, has become burdensome. While acknowledging that there may be some instances of cheating from within the USA, the overwhelming majority stems from international participants and/or fans.

Establishing Gnarly Magazine as a conduit for showcasing exceptional artists and their creations has been a labor-intensive. Yet, the constant battle against cheating diminishes the joy and purpose behind these contests. Moving forward, alterations to the contest structure are being considered, such as restricting participation to US artists or implementing a judging system for international entries, allowing US artists to compete separately.

Despite the setback, the determination to continue promoting artists remains steadfast. However, it's evident that a different approach is necessary to ensure fairness and preserve the enjoyment of these contests. My apologies to the artists and their supporters who view these contests as opportunities to showcase their talents and connect with new audiences. The ultimate aim has always been to foster artist growth and engagement, but the persistent issue of cheating has necessitated a reevaluation of the contest format. As of now, the contest stands canceled with no winner declared.

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