Congrats Bill Bourne for winning the Scale Model Side Contest

UPDATE: Polls have closed. Congratulations to Bill Bourne for winning Gnarly Magazine's Scale Model Side Contest! Scroll down to bottom of the page to view the poll results.


Welcome to the Side Contest of Gnarly Magazine's 1st annual Scale Model Build-Off. To view the winner of the main Build-Off, click here.

Scroll down and take a look at all of the entries. Be sure to swipe/click through the Flickr albums for each builder as well for more photos. 

When you're done checking out all of the entries, you can vote for your favorite at the bottom of the page.

Have fun and be sure to tell your friends, family, and fans to come on out and vote!

Polls close tomorrow (March 21st) at 9am EST. 


Adam Denes - IG: @adm_customs

Adam Denes - Full photo gallery (via Flickr)

Adam Denes


Bill Bourne - IG: @BullzeyeBilly

Bill Bourne - Full photo gallery (via Flickr)

Bill Bourne


Jason Euge - IG: @tha_caboose_kid

Jason Euge - Full photo gallery (via Flickr)

Jason Euge


Mike Mathers - IG: @Mademan1970

Mike Mathers - Full photo gallery (via Flickr)

Mike Mathers


Philippe "Barratatouille" - IG: @barratatouille

(No other photos submitted)


Rick Normandie - IG: @F__e__s__t__e__r

Rick Normandie - Full photo gallery (via Flickr)

Rick Normandie


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  • Jason euge

  • Jason Euge, hang in there brother, you got this. Either way, you are a amazing and awesome artist!! 😀. I’m rooting for you 😀. Keep up the good work.


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