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Hey, that Covid thing sure was something, huh? Well, assuming Monkey Pox® doesn't wipe out all of humanity, Gnarly Magazine is BACK! We'll be landing on Barnes & Nobel and Books-A-Million newsstands in October across the USA and Canada. Of course you can pre-order a subscription or a single copy right here, right now! We could not be more stoked to be back up and running and can't wait to see what you think of the all-new Gnarly Magazine! Scroll down to see what's inside issue #16...

Our featured artist for issue #16 is world-class kustom creator, Franny Drummond. Franny is a skilled kustom painter, airbrush artist, and pinstriper based out of the Philadelphia area. You can even spot some of his awesome artistic airbrush work on NHL goalie masks. Here are a couple of Franny's feature pages...

California is arguably the birthplace of kustom kulture, but chopper builder Jason Ochoa continues proving that the burgeoning Texas scene continues adding its unique brand of southern hospitality to the subculture. Earning accolades for ‘Purple Haze’ and ‘Southern Trendkill,’ Ochoa has fully embraced the late ‘60s chopper hallmarks while seeking to incorporate the nuances of lowrider culture with his newest build for Born Free 13. Simply titled ‘333,’ Ochoa believes he hit the mark due to the tasteful engraving work on the Panhead motor, rims, and exhaust.


Partnering with longtime friend, Scott Hoepker of Chemical Candy Customs, Ochoa wanted to link lowrider style to choppers within ‘333’ because both subcultures exploded in southern California and share a similar design ethos. Chemical Candy Customs has been Ochoa’s go-to for paint and design insight and with a decade of friendship, Hoepker had no reservations when Ochoa approached him with his newest idea for Born Free.

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Every issue of Gnarly Magazine includes a pull-out poster. Sometimes it'll be a hot rod, or chopper, and other times it'll be a chopper with a babelicious babe! Our centerfold model for our comeback issue is the stunning Traci Ann, aka @tbreezy_562 on Instagram.

Do you like hot rods, choppers, and other cool things that move? We got you covered! The Gnarly Magazine comeback issues is packed with awesome wheels and great backstories. Have a rad ride with awesome photography and a great story? We want to hear from you for a feature in a future issue.

A big part of Gnarly Magazine is our pinstriping and pinstripe-related content. This issue is no different as we spotlight pinstriper Jason Wharton. And you can't pinstripe without the enamel! Issue #16 features paint maker Ronan Paints, who is having a bit of a resurgence in their One Stroke branded pinstriping and lettering enamel sales. Grab issue #16 to find out why!

Gnarly Magazine believes that creativity is the name of the game. We love to cover the art of pinstriping, sign painting, kustom art, and airbrush art. If it fits in the kustom kulture world, we wanna cover it! And it's not just pretty painted pictures, but bike and hot rod builds as well. There's more to a build than just nuts and bolts and you can find that in the creativity of the builders on choppers / hot rods / vans, trucks and more!

 Wanna hear something cool? All of the stuff we mentioned above just scratches the surface of what's inside of the Gnarly Magazine comeback issue! We have more artists, more fun stuff, and we're introducing a feature called "The Back Pages" where we go a little outside of the box with our feature on Natalie Cuomo (comedian and total babe), as well as a little whiskey chat. 

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