Get to know Kassidy Van - Issue 18

Thanks for visiting from Gnarly Magazine issue 18. Here's our Q&A and photoset of Kassidy Van as part of our feature on Unruly Speed and Custom shop. Photoset by Chris Bonney - IG: @chillaxinphoto

You’re relatively new to the modeling world, so what has been the most difficult part of being a model so far?

I’d say the most difficult part can be the backlash you can get from either strangers online or people in the same industry. A lot of people can make really mean comments about your physical appearance, and it can be hard to shut that out.

What type of modeling do you enjoy most? Do you like to stick with hot rod modeling?

I really enjoy doing boudoir or bikini modeling. It makes me feel confident and powerful, especially when I’m posed-up with a beautiful car. And I really do like modeling with cars the most. I have done shoots without cars, but I feel the most natural and confident when I’m with a car. One of my favorite shoots I did was actually with a teal '57 BelAir lowrider with its 24-karat gold Dayton wheels.

Would you call yourself a car gal at heart?

I would definitely call myself a car gal at heart. I love just about every older car and truck on the road. They could be fully custom lowriders that are flaked and chromed to the heavens or a rusty old pickup truck hauling a load of garbage to the dump. But the one custom car culture group I have to be the most in love with are the minitrucks. I love all of them, from the wild dancing beds to just a bone stock little truck.

What are your modeling aspirations?

My aspirations and goals for my modeling are to eventually travel to shows outside of my state, representing myself and the shop, along with showing people that I can get all dolled up for shows and shoots. But I can also get down and dirty wrenching on my own projects.

What are your hobbies or aspirations outside of modeling?

Outside of modeling I really enjoy getting out and riding my horse, Pete. He’s a 24 year old Quarter Horse Paint and we used to do some events together when we were younger, but now we just mosey around the neighborhoods he lives near. And in recent months I’ve been really loving getting into pinstriping. I started last October and now I feel I can’t get enough of it! My goal with it is to eventually set up my own little shop for it within the Unruly shops and also travel to either shows or people's houses. I’m still very new to it but I’ve already had people approach me to stripe their cars which I am very excited about and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for it.

You have a pretty big TikTok following. What types of videos can people expect from you there?

On my TikTok, people can expect to see anything from shop content like showing off the cool cars we get to work on. I have posted a lot about my journey of getting into pinstriping, and some funny ones in there of either my '89 G20 Van or my project '93 Chevy S10.

Where do you see yourself in five years? And where does modeling factor in?

In five years I see myself being happy, mostly. That’s always my main goal is to do whatever makes me the happiest. I really like the custom and classic car world and I would love to be as involved in it as possible and just represent the other women out there like me and remind them that there is a place for everyone in this industry. I would love to continue my modeling career and continue to work with all the amazing people and brands who are just as passionate as I am about these big hunks of steel.

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